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Robert Maron
President - Robert Maron, Inc.

A watch dealer since 1982, while the hobby was still evolving, Robert Maron has bought and sold many of the world's most exclusive and expensive timepieces. More than just a high-profile dealer, Mr. Maron is equally known throughout the world for his expertise in ultra-rare, high-grade and vintage Swiss watches.

Among the watches which have passed through his appreciative hands (and in some instances into his private collection) are the among the rarest vintage Patek Philippe complications, numerous Patek Philippe minute repeating wristwatches, several Paul Newman Rolex Daytonas, perhaps the most complete set of early Rolex Submariner prototype watches ever assembled, the Audemars-Piguet Grand Complication, the Breguet Souscription set, the Ulysse Nardin Genghis Kahn, and many more.

Mr. Maron is a graduate of Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Humanities. It was while attending UCLA Law School during the early 1990's that he first considered taking his hobby (and occasional occupation) of collecting fine vintage wristwatches to the next level-becoming a full-time watch dealer. During this period, Mr. Maron began actively buying and selling vintage wristwatches and the extra money earned from his part-time business helped finance his law school education. Mr. Maron soon realized that his love of fine watches outweighed his desire to become a lawyer. Following his graduation from law school, he chose watches over law as his full-time career.

In a relatively short period of time, Mr. Maron has developed an impeccable reputation worldwide among serious watch dealers and auctioneers. He has since become one of the most influential, successful and well-respected dealers in the industry, earning a reputation for fairness, discretion, and integrity.

In 1996, Mr. Maron was one of the first dealers to sell luxury watches on-line through his own website. Mr. Maron is an active member of the International Watch & Jewelry Guild (IWJG) as well as the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC). He is married with children and resides in Southern California.

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