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Stock # SKU18745
Stock # 18745
Model Name
Model Ref # 103PW
Gender Mens
Movement Manual
Case 18K White Gold
Case Shape Tonneau
Case Size 37 mm x 50 mm
Band / Strap Strap
Dial Black
Caseback Solid
Additional Information
Urwerk is a cult brand lovingly and imaginatively developed by the Baumgartner brothers and Martin Frei (watchmakers and designer respectively). The team set out, in the city of Ur, to produce a watch without constraining themselves with technical limitations. They came up with the reference 103, their first watch, and this is the 103PW, with the PW standing for “Protoype Watch”.

The 103 displays the time on three orbital titanium cones. The style of the case on the 103 has changed over its iterations, but this early case is smooth and polished. Case is 18k white gold with dimensions of 49.5mm long by 36mm wide by 13.5mm thick. The case lines and curves of this watch resemble an aerodynamic sport's car's roof amd windshield. In fact, viewed at certain angles, the case looks a lot like an uber-car, with windshield, roof and with the crown appearing as a jet engine. Crown is located at the top of the case and is massive. Crown pulls out for winding and time setting.

The back of the case features the earliest version of the 103’s now famous "Control Board" where seconds, minutes and power reserve displays are located, along with a micro-adjustment device. The seconds and minutes displays on the Control Board are used when setting the watch.

Time is displayed by the hour shown on the cone travelling across the 0-60 minutes arc at the bottom of the dial, and the relationship of the hour number to the minutes arc.

Movement is manual winding and features some very special attributes. Many of the movement parts are cast from an extremely advanced material named ARCAP P40, which is a copper nickel alloy which will not corrode. The finish on much of the movement is accomplished by micro-blasting followed by polishing with a goat hair brush! Talk about attention to detail!

This is a completely hand made wristwatch. Great imagination, care, craftsmanship, research, artistry and time are invested in the production of each Urwerk 103.

Watch is 99% new. This Prototype watch is one of 25 released and as far as we know was the first release of the 103. This watch is in the extremely low single digits of the series.
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