Stock # SKU20954
Stock # 20954
Model Name World Time
Brand Agassiz
Model Ref #
Condition Mint
Gender Mens
Movement Manual
Case 14K Yellow Gold
Case Shape Round
Case Size 45mm
Band / Strap Strap
Dial Silver
Caseback Solid
Complications World Time
Year ca. 1950
Additional Information
Agassiz is the elite watch brand that you have probably never heard of. This world time (also known as worldtimer) watch is a pocket watch which has been converted to a wristwatch, by soldering on wire lugs to the case back and then mounting the watch on a strap. I hasten to point out, that the conversion can be easily removed along with all traces.

Agassiz was one of a few brands to receive movements from Louis Cottier. Based in Geneva, Cottier was a watchmaker specialized in the world time complication, which he received patents for. His design, which is now THE classical world time system, was inspired by a cruder system invented by his father Emmanuel in 1885. The world time complication is most famously used by Patek Philippe, in this original design. Louis Cottier’s production averaged about 13 movements per year and 455 movements in total, and went to Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Agassiz. Now that is excellent company to be in!

In fact, Cottier was commissioned at the conclusion of World War II to make four special world time watches with enamel decorated cases. These watches were presented to Winston Churchill, Harry Truman, Joseph Stalin and Charles DeGaulle. More excellent company to be in, indeed. These four watches were branded by Agassiz. So, it’s clear that Agassiz is an elite brand and this watch is something very special.

Case is 45.5mm in diameter by 9.3mm thick. Bombe acrylic crystal. Winding and setting crown at 12 o’clock. Case is stepped and constructed in three pieces.

Original untouched two-tone silver dial with Cottier designed hands and applied golden roman numerals and hour markers. The outter most area of the dial has the names of reference cities, representing each timezone on earth. The corresponding 24 hour time for that city is shown on the two-tone 24 hour ring which turns counter-clockwise. The lighter area on the ring shows which timezones are experiencing day time while the dark area represents the timezones experiencing night time. This is still the best world time system, remarkable for its simplicity and its beauty of execution.

Movement is the famous manual winding Cottier caliber with 17 jewels and adjusted to temperature. Movement is pristine and running.

Watch is currently on a new unworn brown crocodile strap. Once again, should the next owner choose, the conversion to a wristwatch can easily be reversed without a trace. Condition is mint.
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